Where Strength and Size are the only goals

It Begins!

Having just moved home, I have been struggling to find a gym with so much as a Squat rack! It seems the majority of gyms are not interested in what actually works for people or what is safe – More so, they fill up with machines and cardio equipment, giving people the easy option of sitting down to exercise and no choice even if they did want to broaden their horizons!

Anyway, I don’t want to start rambling on about the flaws in the industry, this is meant to document my journey – I will no doubt start writing posts about that in the near future as sometimes I just can’t help but go off on one! However I’ll keep these seperate and mainly blog here with my training.

So I have managed to find a gym with a rack, it is a local CrossFit with limited opening hours, but I can’t complain – It’s close to home and has what I need.

As currently there is only one open gym session I can attend, I will be doing one or two Met-Con’s a week, chins/dips/push-ups whenever I can, and one big strength session on the open gym day. Once I have settled in, found a job, bought some equipment, etc, etc, I can train exactly as I wish, but for now that will be the template.

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