Where Strength and Size are the only goals

Wednesday 8th August 2012

At last a decent squat rack! Would have taken more pics of the gym as it was a proper meathead heaven! From power cage to hammer strength to ridiculous dumbbells! Only thing is I don’t think the guys in there would have appreciated me taking pics whilst they were grunting and posing!! Shame I can’t join up as it was great for me, but it’s too far and over a toll bridge which would have doubled the membership over the course of a month 😦

Felt good today so upped weights and got:



Bench 115kg x5x5x4 (bar went off track so missed rep, will repeat weight next time)

Cable row (V-grip) 80kg x8x6, 70kg x8 (weight wasn’t marked so was guessing!)

Squat 140kg x5x5x7

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