Where Strength and Size are the only goals

Thursday 16th August 2012

Sat in traffic for over half an hour without moving due to the County Show, so missed the normal met-con class – Grr! Gave up and turned around once I knew I’d missed the start of it. I suppose on the plus side it means I can now go to the open gym tomorrow and Saturday so can get in two strength sessions this week 🙂

Got my frequency press-ups done and managed to get down the park in-between rain showers and do a couple of chin-up ladders:  1/2/3/4/5,  1/2/3,  1/2,  1 – then did the same again after a couple of hours to total 50 chins – I know it’s not strictly ladders as failed to get round 4 (will probably just go to 4 next time as forced rep 5 out which kind of defeats the point of the frequency method). But I’m happy to get them done at all, and as it worked out was the only thing I ended up doing today anyway!

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