Where Strength and Size are the only goals

Saturday 18th August 2012

No frequency sets today as two back to back strength sessions are quite enough!

Thought I’d share my bench press set-up with you, basically the bench is too high for me (or I’m too short for it!), so I have to put 2 steps either side to put my feet on!

As the smallest plate is 1.25kg, I can only increase by 2.5kg minimum so I’m going for sets of 3 today and will repeat weight next time for 5 (hopefully!)

Bench 117.5kg x3x3x4 – struggled a bit with this, probably due to doing press yesterday!

Bent over row 80kg x8x8x8x8

Squat 142.5kg x5x5x5

Not too bad considering I was hungover and only got about 4 hours sleep total (darn thunderstorm at 2am, thought the roof was gonna cave in!)

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