Where Strength and Size are the only goals

Saturday 8th September 2012

Changed my warm-ups slightly as the GHR’s I’ve been doing were using a kind of modified back extension and I wasn’t really able to do them properly on. So now doing 3 rounds of chin’s, dip’s, decline sit-ups and cable pull throughs. Not really doing set numbers any more but aim to increase weight each set on the pull throughs as still aiming to strengthen up my posterior chain. Also after yesterdays rant, thought I’d better go up a weight on the dumbbells!

Flat DB Bench 35kg x12x9x7x6

Body rows x14x12x11x11

Flat DB Flye 15kg x12x10x8x6

‘V’ grip pulldown to chest x9x7x4 – No idea what the weight was! It said number 12 on the stack?

45 degree leg press 240kg x20 – I meant to increase to 220kg after last week but used the wrong plates! Got to about rep 15 and started to struggle, but I was determined to get the 20 as planned so again thought about my rant, and gave it all! Felt really weak afterwards and could barely stand so I think I nailed it intensity wise!

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