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Tuesday 11th September 2012

After yesterdays post I’ve stopped doing decline sit-ups in warm-up as despite trying not to arch my back, it still does and the old hip flexors are tight enough! started doing roman chair knees to chest instead without fully extending at the bottom, so as not to arch!

Taken my grip a little wider on my bench press as my grip has got quite narrow so triceps doing most of the work. This meant the bar felt heavier despite only moving out a little, but just managed the prescribed reps today.

Bench 122.5kg x3x3x3 (video here) – Lost grip in right hand at bottom of first rep, but managed to push it off chest from a dead stop despite this – May have got another rep or two if it wasn’t for this 😦

EZ bar curls 35kg x11x10

Machine rows 90kg x 11×8

Face-pulls on cable, level 7 (again no weight markings) x15x15 – practicing technique on these

Squat 150kg x4x4x7 – (video here) was supposed to be 5’s but felt quite heavy first set so kept to 4’s, will go for 5’s next week especially as I managed 7 on the last set, thanks Andy for the impromptu spot! Last two reps right knee drifting in, need to really tighten that up, going to try and widen stance and see if it helps.

Again got class tonight so will use it to stretch hip flexors and work on some reverse crunches. (Heck, if I have to teach, might as well make it helpful to my cause!)

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