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Sunday 16th September 2012

We took the kids out yesterday so trained today instead. Tried out a few different movements today, some incline bench with a barbell (instead of usual dumbbells on a saturday session) and rigged up a cable pullover as DB pullovers have a shorter range of motion. Really liked these, felt them much more in the lats – tend to feel the DB version in the triceps despite trying as hard as possible not to bend my arms!

Incline bench 90kg x5x5x10

Kroc rows 37.5kg x25 – only one set after a couple of shorter warm-up rows now as per recent article on them


DB flyes 17.5kg x10x7x5x4 – really felt these in my shoulder (ant. delt), probably from the incline bench first

Cable pullovers (level 9) x12x10x8x6 – still don’t know what the weight stack is!

Leg press 250kg x20 – Had to sit and recuperate for a good 5 minutes, these really took it out of me!

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