Where Strength and Size are the only goals

Monday 8th October 2012

Was good to get in the gym as missed usual Sunday session, however still seem to be struggling lately .. I think it’s down to not getting enough calories in alongside the extra classes I’m teaching so going to focus on eating enough, even if it means chugging down a few extra shakes! Also after reading a few of Paul’s posts on Lift-Run-Bang, I like the idea of back off sets, so been doing a few post-exhaust sets for hypertrophy. Changed my warm-up slightly as still trying to combat mild lordosis. So now doing increasing weight on bar (dependant on first lift) with chins, lying hamstring curls and weighted decline crunches/rev crunches.

Press 71kg x4x4x5, followed up with a seated military press 50kg x7 (next time will go a little lighter, I would prefer to be hitting 10+ reps on these follow up sets).

Weighted chins 25kg x5, 20kg x6, followed up with ‘V’ handle pulldown to chest (level 8) x15

Weighted dips 22.5kg x11x8x6x6

Romanian deadlift 100kg x8, 135kg x5x5 (still using these as more of a warm-up for deadlifts so don’t want to go too heavy – also kills the grip for deadlifts!)

Deadlift 150kg x5 – Technique seems to have completely gone lately, I’d love to be able to blame it on something like my tight hips/sway back situation, but mostly it’s just technique! I’m going to drop the weight again for a while and work a few higher rep sets and really focus on it for a while. It’s always been my weakest lift so it’s about time I sorted it!

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