Where Strength and Size are the only goals

Saturday 13th October 2012

Got another session in, despite only having trained yesterday had a good few lifts again today. Kept the chins throughout, but no back off sets as a little sore from last session already!
Press 71kg x5x5x7
Weighted chins 25kg x6, 20kg x7
Weighted dips 22.5kg x12x9x8x5
Had plenty of time so focused on a few low weight deadlifts for a while to improve technique – in between sets ‘V’ grip pulldown to chest (level 8)
Deadlift 60kg x10, pulldown x15, deadlift 80kg x10, pulldown x15, 90kg x5, pulldown x15, deadlift 100kg x5
Deadlift 120kg x10 – form again an issue towards end of set. Getting frustrated with these! I think I’m going to really focus on my tight hip flexors/lower back and get my posture improved. I feel lately its starting to hold me back a bit. Any tips welcomed!

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