Where Strength and Size are the only goals

Sunday 9th December 2012

Bench 87.5kg x5, 100kg x3, 111kg x7, then 87.5kg x13+5+3RP

Reverse-Grip Curl 26kg x5, 32.5kg x8+4+2RP

Close-Grip Bench 77.5kg x5, 96kg x8+2+1RP

Cable Row 60kg x12, 80kg x5

Squat 115kg x5, 130kg x3, 145kg x11 – Again didn’t do the follow up set of 115kg for max, if I give it as much as I can on the last set, the last thing I want to do is get back under the bar! I was more than happy with getting 11 reps on 145kg 🙂

Going to continue with this order, I’ve always advocated doing the big lift last as it’s the most taxing. Cycle 2 on it’s way – I’m doing 2 cycles before each deload as recommended and also because it only takes 2 weeks to go through each.

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