Where Strength and Size are the only goals

Friday 8th March 2013

Paying the price today for the poor form on deadlifts yesterday, my lower back is killing! Managed to Bench ok, but after a few warm-up squats, had to can them and use leg press instead 😦 Not the worst in the world, got 15 reps at 300kg 🙂

Bench 90kg x3, 102.5kg x3, 115kg x9+2+1 RP – Followed up with 12.5kg DB Flyes x18

Face Pulls (9) x20x20 (superset with first two sets of Bench)

Machine Preacher Curls 17.5kg x14x9+3+2 RP

Dips x30x20

45 Degree Leg Press 160kg x10, 200kg x8, 240kg x6, 280kg x4, 300kg x15


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