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Wednesday 21st May 2014

Cable Row 90kg x10x10x10x10 (90secs rest)

Bench 125kg x4x3x5, 60s rest then 100kg x9

Face Pulls (7) x25x25 (between bench sets)

Seated Alt. DB Curl 15kg x12, 12.5kg x11 (between bench)

Viking Press 92.5kg x5, 60s rest then 40kg x15, 60s then Lat. Raise x7.5kg x17, 5kg x19 (60s)

Squat practice, heavy singles up to 170kg

Wednesday 14th May 2014

Cable Row 90kg x10x10x9x8 (90s rest)

Bench 122.5kg x5x5x6, then 100kg x8

Seated Alt. DB Curls 15kg x11, 12.5kg x14 (After each bench set)

Face Pulls (7) x20x20 (After each bench set)

Viking Press 90kg x6, (60s rest) 40kg x14

Squat 165kg x4

Saturday 10th May 2014

Bench 120kg x5x5x7, followed up with 100kg x7 (after 60s rest)

Seated Alt. DB Curls 15kg x10, 12.5kg x12 (between bench sets)

Face Pulls (6) x20x20 (between bench sets)

Viking Press 90kg x5, 40kg x13 (60s rest)

Squat up to 165kg x2

Trying a few different bicep exercises lately, still trying to find one I like, I’m just not a fan of curls! (weird, I know). Viking Press still going up and up even after benching, so happy with that! Squats felt OK today, hip getting better – suffered from yesterdays PR on Rack Pull though, lower back was too shot to get any more than 2 reps so racked it. 😦


Monday 29th July 2013

Bench 125kg x3x3x5, 60 secs rest then 100kg x11

Face Pulls (11) x20x17 (during Bench warm-up)

Seated Alt DB Curls 15kg x13x10 (between first two Bench sets)

‘T’ Bar Row 65kg x15x12x10x9 (60s rest)

Squat 152.5kg x8 – Joggers split on first rep and tore a little more each time! was nice and breezy after 8, ha ha!

Monday 22nd July 2013

Bench Press 122.5kg x5x5x8, after 60s rest 100kg x10

Face Pulls (11) x17x16 (3 way superset with first two bench sets)

Seated Alt DB Curls 15kg x12x8 (3 way superset)

‘T’ Bar Row 62.5kg x15x15x13x10 (90s rest)

Squat 150kg x10

A really good session today despite not getting much sleep over weekend and struggling to get going in the gym. Strength back up to where it has been previously so feeling better about training lately – watch this space, time for some PR’s 😉

Tuesday 16th July 2013

AM Session

Bench 120kg x5x5x7, 60secs rest then 100kg x8

Face Pulls (11) x13x13 (3 way superset with first two sets of Bench & Curls)

Seated Alt DB Curl 12.5kg x15x14 (3 way superset)

T Bar Row 60kg x15x15x12x10 (90s rest)

Squat 120kg x5, 130kg x5, 147.5kg x8

PM Session

SPIN and Seated Leg Curl 60kg x14x9x9 (90s rest)

Monday 8th July 2013

Bench 117.5kg x5x5x8, 60 secs rest then followed up with 100kg x7

DB Seated Alternating Curl 12.5kg x15x12 (superset with first two bench sets)

Wide Grip Cable Row x10x10x9x7 (60s rest)

Squat 120kg x5, 130kg x5, 145kg x8