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Tuesday 30th July 2013

SPIN followed by Seated Leg Curl 60kg x17x11x10 (90s rest)

Later in afternoon 500m rowing challenge – 1:33.8

Then in the evening a Chest & Tricep session to help motivate a friend

Smith Bench Press 120kg x5x5x3 (rest approx 2 minutes)

Smith Incline Bench 90kg x10x8 (rest approx 60-90 secs)

DB Bench 34kg x12x12 (rest as long as it took for Nathan to do his set)

Machine Chest Press (High position to imitate decline bench) 80kg x12x12 (rest as above)

DB Flyes 9kg x40

DB Overhead Extension 38kg x12x9 (rest as above)

Dips x12x12 (rest as above)

Tricep Pushdowns 15kg x40

Tuesday 25th June 2013

AM Session:

Incline Bench 90kg x5x5x9+2+1 RP

Machine Preacher Curl 21.25kg x13x8+2+2 RP (superset with bench)

Machine Incline Lever Bench 50kg x12 (following last set of bench), then Incline DB Flyes 10kg x20

Squat 120kg x5, 130kg x5, 140kg x10

PM Session:

SPIN followed by seated Leg Curl 55kg x14x12x11 (90s rest)

Frequency chins x7 throughout day

Friday 21st June 2013

Bench Press 100kg x5x5x5x5 (2 mins rest)

Incline Bench 70kg x12x10x8 (90s rest)

DB Bench 26kg x12x12x10 (90s)

Cable Flyes 5kg x40

Weighted Dips 29kg x5x5 (2 mins)

DB Overhead Extension 30kg x12x12 (90s)

Tricep Pushdowns 20kg x40

I’m also covering a SPIN class later today so getting paid for cardio! – Bench & Incline Bench in Smith Machine (trained before work so in a commercial setting), Back a bit sore from yesterday so went for good old Chest & Tri’s today – Should get down the ‘Shack’ Sunday for normal session.

Sunday 24th March 2013

Bench 85kg x5, 97.5kg x5, 110kg x9+3+2 RP – The weight tree had been pushed too close to the rack and I hadn’t noticed! see the vid!

DB Flyes 15kg x16x10 (after last bench)

Face Pulls (10) x15x15 (between bench sets)

Machine Preacher Curls 20kg x13x9+3+2 RP

Lever Incline Bench 40kg x10x10x10x10x20


Sunday 18th November 2012

Incline Bench 90kg x8+2+2RP

Smith Behind-Neck Press 30kg x10+5+4RP

Reverse-Grip Bench 90kg x8+4+3RP

Wide-Grip Pulldowns (level 9) x12+5+4RP

Deadlift 140kg x6, 120kg x9

Sunday 11th November 2012

Upped frequency press-ups to 18 yesterday (chins still at 7). Despite a late finish at work last night, had a good session today. Keeping the rest-pause for now – I’m enjoying the change. I started  a little lighter today on the incline bench, think I’ll do the same on the decline bench and overhead press over the next few sessions. I wasn’t entirely happy with the amount of reps (or technique) on the press last workout as I started too high on the weight. Ah well, you live and learn eh?

Incline Bench 90kg x8+3+2, then 62.5kg x12

Face Pulls (10) x17x17 – (Did these either side of Bench Press)

Kroc Rows 45kg x18

DB Flyes 15kg x15x9 (60s rest) – Right shoulder started feeling a little sore so stopped at two sets.

‘V’ Grip pulldown to chest (11) x10+4+3

Hack Squat 102.5kg x20 – These are starting to become a real test of willpower! I’m wondering how long I’ll be able to keep adding weight? I guess I’ll find out!

Thursday 1st November 2012

Another late finish at work last night (1am) so feeling it a bit today. Just did the main lifts and got out. Usual Thursday double spin this evening .. I’ll sleep well tonight!
Still no broadband for at least a week so no video – I’ll try and get another article or two up, but it’s a pain writing on my phone!

Incline Bench 90kg x5x5x9, then 60kg x15 (face pulls (10) x15x15 in between sets)
Seated Machine Row 80kg x12x10, then ‘V’ grip pulldown to chest (10) x12
Hack Squat 100kg x20