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Friday 24th August 2012

Nothing much to report! got my frequency sets done, managed to get 2 chin-up ladders so 40 in total today – Still feels a bit weird walking over to the park to do a ladder on the kiddies monkey bars! Wonder what the locals think? Forcing myself to do it anyway as I really want to keep it up to increase my chins. The overall volume is also good for mass, think of a mechanics forearms or a postman’s calves..

Thursday 23rd August 2012

I finally found a decent gym! Good old word of mouth, one of the guys at CF Dynamic gave me the number of his mate who referred me to the butcher who owns a gym! – £20 a month and you get a key so you can train whenever you want!

Does it get better? It’s a proper spit and sawdust place with absolutely everything you can think of jammed in!

Had a great session down there:

Bench 117.5kg x5x5x5

Seated Alt. Db Curl 15kg x13x13

Seated machine row 80kg x13x11x8x8

Squat 145kg x5x5x6 – followed up with a speed 20 rep finisher on 45 degree leg press at 120kg (just because I could!)

Oh yeah, and just to top it off, here’s the ‘cardio’ area!

It’s nice to see their priorities are right! ha ha!

Also got my frequency sets in to include 3 chin-up ladders so 60 reps total. A darn good days training 🙂

Wednesday 22nd August 2012

Got my frequency sets done as planned, managed to squeeze in 2 chin-up ladders up to 4 (instead of forcing out 5 on the first one!), so that’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1 twice for a total of 40 chins – going to aim to increase this to 4 sets if I can so I’m doing 80 a day. My wife thinks I’m a little strange disappearing off to the park a couple of times a day to do my chin-ups, but I’m really trying to stick to it!

Thursday 16th August 2012

Sat in traffic for over half an hour without moving due to the County Show, so missed the normal met-con class – Grr! Gave up and turned around once I knew I’d missed the start of it. I suppose on the plus side it means I can now go to the open gym tomorrow and Saturday so can get in two strength sessions this week 🙂

Got my frequency press-ups done and managed to get down the park in-between rain showers and do a couple of chin-up ladders:  1/2/3/4/5,  1/2/3,  1/2,  1 – then did the same again after a couple of hours to total 50 chins – I know it’s not strictly ladders as failed to get round 4 (will probably just go to 4 next time as forced rep 5 out which kind of defeats the point of the frequency method). But I’m happy to get them done at all, and as it worked out was the only thing I ended up doing today anyway!

Wednesday 15th August 2012

Gale force winds and heavy rain meant I didn’t get out there for some ladder chin-ups! got my planned frequency sets both yesterday and today. So now up to 6 sets of 23 press-ups, will keep these up for rest of week and shoot for 7 sets starting Monday.

Monday 13th August 2012

Been getting some great feedback regarding ‘Hench’ eBook, got a few pointers to address and still need to get those illustrations done! But hoping to have it out there by the end of the month. (Figure if I give myself a date I’m going to push harder to get it finished!)

I got my planned 8 sets of 20 frequency press-ups in today, going to shoot for 6 sets of 23 starting tomorrow. The whole point is to stay as fresh as possible so as not to effect strength training, so I’ll see how they feel. There’s a chapter in my book dedicated to this if your wondering what I’m on about!

There’s a local park just around the corner so I’m thinking about maybe throwing a few ‘ladder’ chin-up sets. Is it inappropriate for a big bald guy to be banging out chin-ups in a kiddies park? (If no-ones around of course!)