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Monday 4th February 2013

Deload Week

Bench 50kg x5, 62.5kg x5, 75kg x5 – Superset with Face Pulls (8) x17x17

‘T’-Bar Row 40kg x5, 47.5kg x5, 55kg x5

Reverse-Grip Curl 20kg x5, 22.5kg x5, 27.5kg x5

Close-Grip Bench 50kg x5, 62.5kg x5, 75kg x5

Squat 67.5kg x5, 82.5kg x5, 100kg x5

Friday 1st February 2013

Bench 92.5kg x5, 105kg x3, 117.5kg x8, 92.5kg x12+4+3 RP

Cable Row 85kg x7, 65kg x12

Close-Grip Bench 82.5kg x5, 101kg x8+2+1 RP

Reverse-Grip Curl in Machine Preacher 10kg x5, 15kg x11+4+3 RP

Squat 125kg x5, 141kg x3, 157.5kg x6 – A bit disappointed with 6, definitely had at least 2 more but lost position on the negative of rep 7 and didn’t feel right so had to leave it on the pins .. grrr!

Saturday 19th January 2013

Bench 80kg x5, 92.5kg x5, 105kg x13+4+2 RP

‘T’ Row 65kg x12, 50kg x15

Close-Grip Bench 63.5kg x76kg x20

Reverse Grip Curls (Preacher bench) 15kg x5, 20kg x10+4+3 RP

Squat 107.5kg x5, 125kg x5, 141kg x15

Weighted Dips 30kg x11+4+2 RP

‘V’ Grip Pulldown to Chest (13) x12+4+2 RP

Monday 14th January 2013

Bench 91kg x5, 103.5kg x3, 115kg x8, 91kg x14+3+3 RP

Cable Row 80kg x9, 60kg x15

Close-Grip Bench 81kg x5, 100kg x10+2+1 RP

Reverse-Grip Curls 30kg x5, 36kg x7+4+2 RP

Squat 121kg x5, 137.5kg x3, 153.5kg x8

Weighted Dips 27.5kg x12+4+3 RP