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Friday 25th January 2013

Bench 86kg x3, 98.5kg x3, 111kg x10+3+2 RP
Machine Lever Row 53.5kg x5, 75kg x17+6+5 RP
Close-Grip Bench 63.5kg x5, 90kg x14+4+3 RP
Machine Reverse-Grip Preacher Curls 10kg x5, 15kg x10+5+3 RP
Squat 116kg x3, 132.5kg x3, 150kg x11
Weighted Dips 30kg x13+5+2 RP
‘V’ Grip Pulldown To Chest (14) x10+4+2 RP

Wednesday 9th January 2013

Not been posting much lately, started my new job Monday so been a bit hectic. Also trying to sort out a new workout schedule due to shifts, hence the big gaps in training over the last week or so. Anyway, back on it today! I’ll be posting regularly again from now.

Bench 85kg x3, 97.5kg x3, 108.5kg x10+3+2 RP

Machine Lever Row 52.5kg x5, 73.5kg x18+6+4 RP

Close-Grip Bench 62.5kg x5, 87.5kg x14+4+2 RP

Reverse-Grip Curls 22.5kg x5, 31kg x10+5+5 RP

Squat 112.5kg x3, 130kg x3, 145kg x12

Weighted Dips 25kg x12+4+3 RP

‘V’ Grip Pulldown To Chest (13) x11+4+3 RP

Tuesday 1st January 2013

Happy New Year!

Another hangover session, oops! It wasn’t too bad in the end, although I think there would be a few more reps when not hanging!!

Bench 78.5kg x5, 91kg x5, 102.5kg x12+3+2 RP

T-Row 62.5kg x10, 45kg x20

Close-Grip Bench 62.5kg x5, 75kg x20+6+4 RP

Reverse-Grip Curls 22.5kg x5, 27.5kg x10+8+5 RP

Squat 105kg x5, 121kg x5, 137.5kg x12

‘V’ Grip Pulldowns (13) x9+3+2 RP

Lying Hamstring Curls (6) x13+4+2 RP

Thursday 27th December 2012

Random surprise visit to Bath today, squeezed in a session down at CrossFit Bath – Nice to train at the old haunt again!

Bench 90kg x5, 102.5kg x3, 115kg x7, 90kg x15+3+2 RP

Bent-Over-Row 65kg x5, 80kg x15

Close-Grip Bench 80kg x5, 97.5kg x9+2+1 RP

Reverse Grip Curl 27.5kg x5, 32.5kg x6+4+3 RP

Squat 117.5kg x5, 132.5kg x3, 150kg x8 – Great squat session today, thanks Pete for the encouragement!

Sunday 23rd December

Felt good to get back in the gym after a week off, still did my core & stretch class on tuesday and double Spin thursday so not completely lazy! All lifts felt good today, no niggly shoulder pains when benching etc ..

Bench 83.5kg x3, 95kgx3, 107.5kg x9+2+1/2RP

Lever Row 60kg x5, 71kg x18+6+4RP

Close Grip Bench 61kg x5, 85kg x15+4+3RP

Reverse Grip Curls 21kg x5, 30kg x10+4+3RP

Squat kg 110kg x3, 126kg x3, 141kg x11

Happy Christmas!

Friday 14th December 2012

Felt really lethargic this morning due to lack of sleep and 3 Spin classes in the last 24 hours! However I was determined to beat the logbook, and actually ended up having a really good session.

Bench 77.5kg x5, 88.5kg x5, 101kg x13+3+3RP

‘T’ Row 62.5kg x8, 42.5kg x16

Close Grip Bench 61kg x5, 73.5kg x20+6+5RP

Reverse Grip Curls 21kg x5, 25kg x14+7+5RP

Squat 102.5kg x5, 117.5kg x5, 133.5kg x15 – Struggling at rep 10, but wanted to get 15 so just went for it!

Then added in ‘V’ grip Pulldowns (12) x8+4+3RP

Lying Hamstring curls (6) x11+5+3RP

Sunday 9th December 2012

Bench 87.5kg x5, 100kg x3, 111kg x7, then 87.5kg x13+5+3RP

Reverse-Grip Curl 26kg x5, 32.5kg x8+4+2RP

Close-Grip Bench 77.5kg x5, 96kg x8+2+1RP

Cable Row 60kg x12, 80kg x5

Squat 115kg x5, 130kg x3, 145kg x11 – Again didn’t do the follow up set of 115kg for max, if I give it as much as I can on the last set, the last thing I want to do is get back under the bar! I was more than happy with getting 11 reps on 145kg 🙂

Going to continue with this order, I’ve always advocated doing the big lift last as it’s the most taxing. Cycle 2 on it’s way – I’m doing 2 cycles before each deload as recommended and also because it only takes 2 weeks to go through each.

Tuesday 4th December 2012

Warmed up with samson stretch, squats, chins, dips, swings and decline sit-ups for a couple of rounds. It’s getting colder in the unit this time of year so struggling to get warmed up – Gonna have to start running or something first soon!

Bench 81kg x3, 93.5kg x3, 105kg x11+4+3RP

Lever Row 60kg x5, 83.5kg x10+5+3RP

Close-Grip Bench 60kg x5, 83.5kg x15+4+3RP

Reverse-Grip Curls 20kg x5, 27.5kg x10+5+4RP

Squat 106kg x3, 122.5kg x3, 137.5kg x11

Changed the order from prescribed as last session I was gassed after the squats! Left the follow up set on them this time as I’ve got Spin tomorrow and on Thursday so quite enough for the legs! Got usual core and stretch class later today as well.

Friday 30th November 2012

Tired spin legs as usual! Still a good session nonetheless, felt good to do some flat bench again.

Bench 76kg x5, 87.5kg x5, 100kg x13+3+3RP

Squat 100kg x5, 115kg x5, 130kg x13 followed up with 100kg x12

Close-Grip Bench 60kg x5, 72.5kg x19+6+4RP

‘T’ Bar Rows 60kg x10, 70kg x5, then 40kg x10

Reverse Grip Curls 20kg x5, 25kg x10+6+4RP