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Wednesday 14th May 2014

Cable Row 90kg x10x10x9x8 (90s rest)

Bench 122.5kg x5x5x6, then 100kg x8

Seated Alt. DB Curls 15kg x11, 12.5kg x14 (After each bench set)

Face Pulls (7) x20x20 (After each bench set)

Viking Press 90kg x6, (60s rest) 40kg x14

Squat 165kg x4

Saturday 21st December 2013

Close-Grip Bench 100kg x5x5x14, then 80kg x8 (60s rest) – Superset with Neutral Grip Chins x15x11x7

DB Bench (Hammer Grip) 25kg x10x10x10x10x10, superset with

Machine Lever Row 60kg x12x12x12x12x11 – minimal rest between sets

Tricep Pushdown (5) x100 (few sets/rest as possible)

Facepulls (4) x100

Tried out close-grip to see how shoulder was and felt ok so I’m going to stick with it for now – Just happy to be benching again!

Tuesday 4th December 2012

Warmed up with samson stretch, squats, chins, dips, swings and decline sit-ups for a couple of rounds. It’s getting colder in the unit this time of year so struggling to get warmed up – Gonna have to start running or something first soon!

Bench 81kg x3, 93.5kg x3, 105kg x11+4+3RP

Lever Row 60kg x5, 83.5kg x10+5+3RP

Close-Grip Bench 60kg x5, 83.5kg x15+4+3RP

Reverse-Grip Curls 20kg x5, 27.5kg x10+5+4RP

Squat 106kg x3, 122.5kg x3, 137.5kg x11

Changed the order from prescribed as last session I was gassed after the squats! Left the follow up set on them this time as I’ve got Spin tomorrow and on Thursday so quite enough for the legs! Got usual core and stretch class later today as well.

Thursday 1st November 2012

Another late finish at work last night (1am) so feeling it a bit today. Just did the main lifts and got out. Usual Thursday double spin this evening .. I’ll sleep well tonight!
Still no broadband for at least a week so no video – I’ll try and get another article or two up, but it’s a pain writing on my phone!

Incline Bench 90kg x5x5x9, then 60kg x15 (face pulls (10) x15x15 in between sets)
Seated Machine Row 80kg x12x10, then ‘V’ grip pulldown to chest (10) x12
Hack Squat 100kg x20