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Tuesday 4th Sept 2012

It’s almost done! I managed to get almost all the photo’s done today to illustrate ‘Hench’, just a couple to re-take as they’re a bit blurry and then the publishing process starts.

Training went pretty well today, stayed at 120kg for bench as only did 3’s last week, and increased on squat but dropped to 3’s as first set was killer!

Bench 120kg x5x5x6 – video here, typically someone walked across the camera on the last rep, but didn’t obstruct too much! A little disappointed I only got 6 on last set, however total of 16 reps compared to last weeks 13 so it’s all good!

Seated alt DB curls 17.5kg x14x13 – feel like I’m swinging these a bit so will go back to standing EZ bar curls next session

Machine row 85kg x15x11x8x8

Squat 150kg x3x3x5 – last set was a real struggle, but got my intended 5. Right knee rolled in, but managed to push it back out (can’t really see that on video so will change angle next time.

Didn’t bother with any Ab work as I’ve got to teach a 30 minute ‘core’ class tonight (not great, but a man’s got to make some money!)

One response

  1. can you give the ‘core’ class heavy squats, presses and deadlifts??

    September 5, 2012 at 6:35 am

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