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Tuesday 28th May 2013

Spin class followed by seated hamstring curl 50kg x15x13x9

Monday 27th May 2013

Bench 120kg x5x5x5+1+1, followed with Seated Incline Lever Bench 40kg x17

Cable Row 90kg x5x5x8, followed with ‘V’ Grip Pulldown (14) x8

Crazy weekend! Impulsively bought a camper van on Saturday and didn’t come home till today! Very little sleep over weekend so today was a real grind, just did a simple push/pull workout.

My weekend in a few photos

The Beast Newgale BeachSunset through the windowSunset at Freshwater WestParrog Beach view from the mountain

Thursday 23rd May 2013

Press 70kg x5x5x8 +1+1 RP, followed up with 10kg DB Lat Raise x20

Weighted Chins 24kg x7x6

Weighted Dips 24kg x10+4+2 RP

Romanian Deadlift 140kg x8 – Too much knee bend on these, going to lower weight next time and tighten up form.

Lying Hamstring Curl (7) x12+4+3 RP

Monday 20th May 2013

Training still bitty this week, not quite 100% so going to ease back and return to 5/3/1 RP type training next week – revisiting cycle 7 (last complete cycle).

Bench 120kg x4x5x6 then Incline Lever Bench 50kg x13 (rest pause)

Machine Preacher Curls 20kg x12x12 (between bench sets)

Hammer Strength Row (Single Arm) 40kg x12x10 each side, then both handles 60kg x8


Sunday 19th May 2013

Worked on Deadlifts – 40kg x10, 80kg x10, 90kg x5, 100kg x5, 110kg x5, 120kg x5, 130kg x3, 140kg x3, 160kg x3, 180kg x2, 200kg x1

Really happy with todays session, that’s the most I’ve ever got off the floor – despite the fact it was possibly the worst technique ever, I’m still chuffed – Going to scale it right back for a few weeks to work on form, then try again and see how it pulls 😉


Friday 17th May 2013

Incline Bench 100kg x5x5x6+1+1 RP then Incline Lever Press 50kg x12

Face pulls (10) x15x15 (between bench sets)

Lever Row 80kg x8x7x5 (60s rest)

Machine Preacher Curls 20kg x12+2+1 RP

Squat 100kg x5, 120kg x5, 140kg x3, 160kg x2, 170kg x1, 180kg (fail), 170kg x1, 180kg (fail)

Great to get a decent strength session in, been up an down with illness for a couple of weeks so was great to get back under the bar. Missing a few reps here and there on weights, but it was to be expected after all the time off lately – Grrrr!

Wednesday 15th May 2013

Bear Complex: Power Clean/Front Squat/Push Press/Back Squat/Push Press  = 1 rep. 7 reps without putting the bar down is 1 round. No time element, go for 5 rounds aiming for maximum weight by round 5.

Appetite is back with a vengeance today! Pushed for time this week, so did a little session with the weights I have at home and will get down The Shack on Friday and Sunday to get some strength work in.

Been a long while since I’ve done this workout and it was a killer! Started at 40kg, then went up in 5kg steps to 60kg for last round. I was blowing on the last one! 🙂


Monday 13th May 2013

Busy, busy! Another crazy week! Really need a decent weeks training – It’s felt like when I have had the time, I’ve been ill or my kids have! I’ve been doing chins & press-ups intermittently and today squeezed in a GVT-esque Bench session to see how it felt after coming back from illness. Started with 30kg DB’s and went for sets of 10 with 60 secs rest. After 3 sets, swapped out for 60kg machine chest press for the other 7 sets as still felt a bit drained. Appetites on it’s way back though, so I’ll see how it goes tomorrow! Back on it – I hope :/


Wednesday 8th May 2013

Standing DB Press 30kg x5x4x4

Superset Lat Raise/Bent Over Rear Raise 12kg x10x10x10

Seated Cable Scapular Retractions 50kg x12x12

Hammer Curls 14kg x10x10x10

Saturday 4th May 2013

Visiting some old friends in Bath so popped into CrossFit Bath for a little Olympic lifting practice, got up to 107.5kg power clean & press, but couldn’t quite get the 110kg … Technique a bit rusty as not really practiced lately, going to bring them back before deadlifts as I forgot how much I like doing them!