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Wednesday 28th August 2013

Bench 130kg x2x2x3, then 100kg x9 (60s rest)

Face pulls (12) x16x13 (between first two bench sets)

Machine Preacher Curl 25kg x10, 20kg x12, 15kg x16 (After each Bench set)

Cable Row 80kg x11x10x8x7 (60s)

Squat 157.5kg x5

Bench felt much better today, just a little ache left in the shoulder now. Could actually get under the bar for squats without pain so happy days!

Tuesday 27th August 2013

Press 67.5kg x5x5x9, then followed up with Reverse Grip Pulldowns (12) x15 (60s rest)

Weighted Chins 28kg x6x6 (Between Press sets)

EZ Tricep Extensions 45kg x12x9x7x5 (60s)

Deadlift 150kg x9

Shoulder slowly feeling better, still struggling on overhead press, but I can at least do it now! Dips still not happening so sticking to the extensions for now

Friday 23rd August 2013

Bench 127.5kg x3x3x5, followed up with 100kg x8 (approx 60s rest)

Face Pulls (11) x20x16 (between Bench sets)

Machine Preacher Curls 25kg x9, 20kg x11, 15kg x15 (After each Bench set)

T Bar Row 65kg x15x13x12x9 (60s rest)

45 Degree Leg Press 360kg x10

Wednesday 21st August 2013

Press 65kg x5x5x5 (didn’t max on last set, happy that my shoulder is behaving for now!)

Weighted Chins 30kg x4x4, then Reverse Grip Pulldown 70kg x15

EZ Tricep Extensions 42.5kg x12x10x8x6 (90s rest)

Deadlift 100kg x10, 110kg x5, 120kg x3, 130kg x3, 140kg x5 – Working on technique so keeping weight/reps down

Seated V Bar Row 80kg x10x10x8x7 (60s)

Monday 19th August 2013

Bench 127.5kg x3x3x3, followed up with 100kg x8 (approx 1 min rest)

DB Hammers 16kg x15x15 (between bench sets)

Squat 155kg x7

On holiday so squeezing in sessions where possible! Bench feeling better on the shoulder now, still a slight niggle but it’s not preventing me from benching/squatting anymore – See how it feels next session for overhead press 😉

Wednesday 14th August 2013

Bench Press 125kg x3x3x5
Face pulls (11) x19x15 (superset with first two bench sets)
Machine Preacher Curls 25kg x8, 20kg x10 (superset with bench & face pulls)
T Bar Row 65kg x15x12x11x8 (60secs rest)
Leg Press 320kg x12

Eased into Benching today, shoulder had a little twinge but was good enough to lift (finally!). Had to drop the squat today, did a few warmup sets but after the bench, shoulder was sore when holding the bar and didn’t want to force it!

Tuesday 13th August 2013

SPIN and Seated Leg Curl 65kg x15x12x10 (90 secs rest)

Monday 12th August 2013

Standing Cable Straight Arm Pulldown 40kg x12x12 (2 mins rest)
Wide Grip Pulldown 75kg x9, 65kg x12 (2 mins)
‘V’ Grip Cable Row 72kg x15x15x15 (60s)
Smith Rack Pull 165kg x7

Friday 9th August 2013

Standing Cable Straight Arm Pulldown 40kg x11x10 (2 mins rest)
V Grip Pulldown 90kg x10, 75kg x12 (2 mins)
Cable Row 70kg x15x15x15 (90s)
Smith Rack Pull 162.5kg x7

Seated Leg Curl 65kg x14x11x9 (90s)

Thursday 8th August 2013

Ab Sling Straight Leg Raise x10x10x10 (60s rest)
Cable Twists 15kg x12x12x12 (no rest between sides, 30s between sets
DB Windmills 20kg x10x10 (60s)
Weighted Crunch (behind head) 20kg x20x15x10x10

Tried benching but still twanging the shoulder, windmills did a little too so dropped weight from last week. Looks like I’m stuck doing back and legs for a while! What a shame! Ha ha

Tuesday 6th August 2013

SPIN followed by Seated Leg Curl 65kg x12x10x9 (90secs rest)

Later in day

Standing Cable Straight Arm Pulldown 40kg x8x8x8
Superset with Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown 80kg x8x8, 70kg x8 (60s)

DB Pullover 34kg x8x8x8
Superset with Cable Row 70kg x8x8x8 (60s)

Smith Rack Pull 160kg x7

DB Hammer Curls 16kg x14x11 (90s)

Seated DB Curls 12kg x13x11 (60s)

EZ Cable Curl 20kg x40

Shoulder not too bad on back work, DB Pullover and Rack Pulls had a slight twinge but bearable!

Sunday 4th August 2013

Smith Box Squat 130kg x5x5x5

Walking Lunges 28kg DB’s x22x22 (2 mins rest)

Pull Throughs 50kg x10x10x10x10 (90s rest)

Seated Leg Curl 60kg x12x12x12x10 (60s)

Neck Harness 16kg x30x30x30x30 (rest as needed)

Saturday 3rd August 2013

Standing Cable Straight Arm Pulldown 35kg x12x12 (90s rest)

Wide Grip Pulldown 75kg x6, 65kg x10, 55kg x10 (2 mins)

Kroc Row 42kg x25

Smith Rack Pull 160kg x4 – again struggled after the Kroc rows, will stop doing them before rack pulls from now.

Cable Rear Flye 7.5kg x8, 5kg x15x15 (90s)

Cable Curls (Single handles) 10kg x18x14x10 (60s)

Dips x30x(16+4)x(7+3) (30s rest)

Left shoulder still inflamed, going to leave upper body for a few days to rest it.

Friday 2nd August 2013

Push Press 90kg x5, 100kg x3, 110kg x2, 120kg (miss), 110kg x2

Weighted Chins 29kg x5, 26.25kg x5

Lever Deadlift 120kg x5, 160kg x4, 200kg x3, 220kg x2, 240kg x1x1x1

Left Rotator Cuff playing up loads recently – couldn’t press from bottom so did push press/jerk instead, dips were a no go today and finished with lever Deadlift to rest it slightly as conventional was irritating it. Frustrating session today 😦