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Wednesday 31st July 2013

DB Pullover 46kg x13x13 (2 mins rest)
‘V’ Grip Pulldown To Chest 90kg x9, 75kg x11 (2 mins)
DB Row To Hip 30kg x13x13 (90s)
Smith Rack Pull 157.5kg x10
Cable Rear Flyes 5kg x15x15 (90s)
Ab Sling Knees To Elbows x13 after every set of every exercise

Tuesday 30th July 2013

SPIN followed by Seated Leg Curl 60kg x17x11x10 (90s rest)

Later in afternoon 500m rowing challenge – 1:33.8

Then in the evening a Chest & Tricep session to help motivate a friend

Smith Bench Press 120kg x5x5x3 (rest approx 2 minutes)

Smith Incline Bench 90kg x10x8 (rest approx 60-90 secs)

DB Bench 34kg x12x12 (rest as long as it took for Nathan to do his set)

Machine Chest Press (High position to imitate decline bench) 80kg x12x12 (rest as above)

DB Flyes 9kg x40

DB Overhead Extension 38kg x12x9 (rest as above)

Dips x12x12 (rest as above)

Tricep Pushdowns 15kg x40

Monday 29th July 2013

Bench 125kg x3x3x5, 60 secs rest then 100kg x11

Face Pulls (11) x20x17 (during Bench warm-up)

Seated Alt DB Curls 15kg x13x10 (between first two Bench sets)

‘T’ Bar Row 65kg x15x12x10x9 (60s rest)

Squat 152.5kg x8 – Joggers split on first rep and tore a little more each time! was nice and breezy after 8, ha ha!

Friday 26th July 2013

Press 72.5kg x5x5x7, 60 secs rest then 60kg x9 – Belt came undone on rep 3 of last set (you can just about hear it go on video), a little offputting but still managed to grind out 7 reps – think it’s about time I got a new one!

Weighted Chins 27.75kg x7, 26.5 x6 (between first two Press sets)

Weighted Dips 25.25kg x12x10x8x7 (60 secs rest)

Power Cleans up to 110kg x1

Deadlift 147.5kg x8

Neck Harness 12kg x40x40x40x40

Not done Power Cleans in a while so happy to get 110kg up! also deadlift felt better after doing them so going to bring them back in for a while. Good session all round today šŸ™‚

Later in day did a random session with a member:

Leg Press 220kg x10, dropped to 200kg x10

Leg Extension/Leg Curl Superset (no rest between any sets, just long enough to swap machines) 70kg x10x10x10

Leg Press Toe Press 180kg x10x8x8x6 (rest as long as it took other person to complete)

EZ Cable Curl 25kg x10x10, 20kg x10x10x10x10x10x10x10x10 (rest as above)

Dips x10x10x10x10x10, Pushdowns 40kg x10, 30kg x10x10, 25kg x10x10 (rest as above)

Thursday 25th July 2013

Ab Sling Straight Leg Raise to Bar x10x10x8(+ 2 swinging crappy ones) (60s rest)

Cable Twist 15kg x10x10x10 (no rest between sides, 30s rest between sets)

Dumbbell Windmills 22kg x10x10 (60s)

Weighted Crunch 25kg x50 (30s) x30 (20s) x20

Wednesday 24th July 2013

DB Pullover 46kg x13x12 (2 mins rest)

‘V’ Grip Pulldown to Chest 90kg x8, 75kg x10 (2 mins)

Kroc Row 42kg x22x16 (2 mins)

Smith Rack Pull 157.5kg x4 – Struggled with these today, shouldn’t have done 2 sets of Kroc Rows I guess!Ā 

Prone Rear Flye 10kg x15x12x9 (60s)

Neck Harness 12kg x35x35x30x30 (rest as necessary)

Tuesday 23rd July 2013

SPIN then Seated Leg Curl 60kg x16x10x10 (90s rest)

Monday 22nd July 2013

Bench Press 122.5kg x5x5x8, after 60s rest 100kg x10

Face Pulls (11) x17x16 (3 way superset with first two bench sets)

Seated Alt DB Curls 15kg x12x8 (3 way superset)

‘T’ Bar Row 62.5kg x15x15x13x10 (90s rest)

Squat 150kg x10

A really good session today despite not getting much sleep over weekend and struggling to get going in the gym. Strength back up to where it has been previously so feeling better about training lately – watch this space, time for some PR’s šŸ˜‰

Friday 19th July 2013

Smith Decline Bench 110kg x5x5x8

Face Pulls 20kg x15x15 (superset with first two bench sets)

Cable Curls 25kg x12x10 (90s rest)

Cable Rows 50kg x20x19 (2 mins)

Injured my heel earlier in week so couldn’t squat or even leg press so superset Leg Extension & Leg Curl – No rest between sets, just the time it took to move from one machine to the other – 60kg x15, 50kg x15, 40kg x15

Neck Harness 12kg – 4 sets of 30

Thursday 18th July 2013

Press 70kg x5x5x8, 60 secs rest then Seated DB Shoulder Press 20kg x16

Weighted Chins 27.75kg x6, 26.5kg x5 (superset with first two press sets)

Weighted Dips 25.25kg x12x8x6x5 (60s)

Deadlift 145kg x9 – Weight still too forward, may take these right back to 100kg to practice tekkersĀ if I can’t rectify it soon!

Later in day did a little Ab blast:

Ab Sling Straight Leg Raise to Bar x10x10x6(+ 4 swinging crappy ones) (60s rest)

Cable Twist 12.5kg x10x10x10 (no rest between sides, 30s rest between sets)

Kettlebell Windmills 20kg x10x10 (60s)

Weighted Crunch 25kg x40 (30s) x30 (20s) x20 (10s) x10

Tuesday 16th July 2013

AM Session

Bench 120kg x5x5x7, 60secs rest then 100kg x8

Face Pulls (11) x13x13 (3 way superset with first two sets of Bench & Curls)

Seated Alt DB Curl 12.5kg x15x14 (3 way superset)

T Bar Row 60kg x15x15x12x10 (90s rest)

Squat 120kg x5, 130kg x5, 147.5kg x8

PM Session

SPIN and Seated Leg Curl 60kg x14x9x9 (90s rest)

Monday 15th July 2013

DB Pullover 46kg x12x12

V Grip Pulldown to Chest 85kg x9, 70kg x12

Kroc Row 42kg x20x20 (2 sets each side)

Smith Rack Pull 155kg x5

Cable Reverse Flye 5kg x15x12x10

After every set 12 Ab Sling Knee Raise for a total of 12 sets – 144 reps

Saturday 13th July 2013

Incline DB Bench Press 34kg x12x10x8x6 (90secs rest) thenĀ 20kg Weighted Crunches x50

DB Prone Row 24kg x12x10x8x6 (slight hold at top, 90s rest)Ā thenĀ 20kg Weighted Crunches x50

Cable Flyes 12.5kg x12x10x8x6 (60s rest)Ā thenĀ 20kg Weighted Crunches x50

Reverse Grip Pulldown 70kg x12x10x8x6 (60s rest)Ā thenĀ 20kg Weighted Crunches x50

Smith Rack Pull 152.5kg x6Ā thenĀ 20kg Weighted Crunches x50

Seated Leg Curl 60kg x10x10x10x10 (60s rest)

Wednesday 10th July 2013

DB Pullover 46kg x11x9 (2 mins rest) – Repeated weight from last session, but slowed the eccentric (lowering), focusing on using the Lats as much as possibleĀ to avoid it becoming a tricep extension.

Wide-Grip Pulldown 70kg x8, 60kg x10 (2 mins rest) – same as above, slower eccentric.

DB Row To Hip 30kg x12x12 (90s rest) – Technique a bit sloppy on left arm so starting on that side and matching the reps on my right.

– After each set of the above 3 exercises, did oblique hanging knee raises x10 alternating sides to total 30 on each side

Smith Rack Pull 150kg x6 – Went back to doing these heavy, again focus on technique. Still locking out with lower back instead of hips, but getting better!

Prone Rear DB Flye 7kg x15x15x15 (60s rest)

Standing Cable Twist (obliques) 10kg x15x15x15 – alternating sides, no rest, one side straight to another.

Silly BS – Can You Decipher The Good From The Bad?

Ā An old article by Mark Rippetoe, but one of my favourites! It’s no secret I’m a bit of a Rippetoe fan, despite his very strong opinions I enjoy reading his articles due to his style of writing and humour.

“There is a lot of advice, information, and well understood knowledge regarding the field in which I practiceā€”strength training and fitnessā€”that is just silly bullshit. Plain old “SB” (to keep from baiting the censors too temptingly). And it comes from numerous sources: chief among them are medical professionals who think that they are also exercise professionals, muscle magazines published specifically for the purpose of perpetuating it, home exercise and weight loss advertisers, Internet fitness sites, the academic exercise people, and the mainstream media, who are the mindless pawns of the others.” Continue reading –>Silly BS – Mark Rippetoe

Tuesday 9th July 2013

Usual SPIN class followed by:

Seated Leg Curl 55kg x17x15x13

Later in day did 100 knees to elbows broken down into 5 sets of 10, then 10 sets of 5 (all with 60 secs rest)

Monday 8th July 2013

Bench 117.5kg x5x5x8, 60 secs restĀ then followed up with 100kg x7

DB Seated Alternating Curl 12.5kg x15x12 (superset with first two bench sets)

Wide Grip Cable Row x10x10x9x7 (60s rest)

Squat 120kg x5, 130kg x5, 145kg x8

Friday 5th July 2013

Press 67.5kg x5x5x9

Weighted Chins 26.5kg x7x6

Weighted Dips 24kg x12x9x8x6 (60s rest)

Deadlift 60kg x10, 100kg x5, 120kg x5, 142.5kg x10

Wednesday 3rd July 2013

DB Pullover 46kg x13x13
V Grip Pulldown 80kg x9 , 70kg x10 (dropped weight as getting sloppy!)
Kroc Row 38kg x25
Smith Rack Pull 107.5kg x20
Bent Over Rear Raise 14kg x12x12x12
After every set (right through session) 10 hanging knee raises for a total of 90 reps

Tuesday 2nd July 2013

SPIN followed by Seated Leg Curl 55kg x15x13x12

A Year Of 5/3/1

Some serious strength gains after a year of 5/3/1 – My friend Pete demonstrating how effective the system is by simply following it for 12 months. Great work mate!

A Year Of 531Ā  <——- Click Here!

Monday 1st July 2013

Bench 115kg x5x5x7 followed by 100kg x5 (drop-set)

Machine Preacher Curl 22.5kg x12x9+3+2 RP (superset with bench)

‘T’ Bar Row 60kg x15x14x11x9 (90s rest)

Squat 120kg x5, 130kg x5, 142.5kg x10

Friday 28th June 2013

DB Bench Press 34kg x12x10x8x6 (90s rest)

Body Rows (Feet Elevated) x12x8 (1/2 second hold at top)

DB Row to Hip 30kg x12x10x10 (90s rest)

Cable Crossover 10kg x12x10x8x6 (slow eccentric, 60s rest)

Wide Grip Pulldown 65kg x10, 60kg x9, 55kg x8, 50kg x8, 30kg x30 (slow eccentric, 60s rest)

Hanging Knees to Elbows x10x10x10x8x8 (SE, 60s)