Where Strength and Size are the only goals

Sunday 30th September 2012

I’ve had to change my training days around a bit to fit in with work etc, so today I just did a few lifts to fill in a gap and will do my planned session on Tuesday. Revisited the hack squat today and it felt much better so I tried a widowmaker to see how it felt (usually do them on leg press, but it’s getting to a stage where it feels uncomfortable due to my knees/thighs driving into my body at the bottom, and the abdominal pressure is causing a little niggle where I broke my rib last year). Well, the DOM’s kicked in almost straight away! and at the stage of writing this approx 3 hours after session, my quads are killing me! Oh dear .. and I’ve got a Spin class to teach tomorrow at 7am – that’s going to be fun!

Press 70kg x5x5x6 – went for the 7 but it wasn’t going to happen so didn’t over do it!

Face pulls (level 8) x15x15 – I’ve really got to find out what the weight measurements are! however the way I see it, as long as I increase reps/level used then it’s an improvement whatever the weight is!

Weighted dips 21.25kg x12x10x7x6 – hit the same weight as last time, but less rest (around 60s)

Hack squat 90kg (80kg on machine and I’ve been told sled is worth 10kg so I’m going with it for now!) x20

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