Where Strength and Size are the only goals

Sunday 28th October 2012

Been a crazy few days, started a part time job and moving house tomorrow so won’t be very regular posting till broadband up and running at new place!
Bit of a tough session today, late home last night and didn’t really eat/sleep too well yesterday. Still got down there and busted it out as best I could and reasonably happy with session. Need to make sure I eat enough when working late, even if it’s just protein shakes.

Press 73.5kg x3x3x5, followed up with 50kg x12 – Layback getting bad again on heavy reps, I’ll repeat weight next session when fresh and see how it feels.

Weighted chins 25kg x6, 20kg x8, then ‘V’ grip pulldown to chest (10) x13

Weighted dips 25kg x10x8x7, then unweighted for 17 reps

Lever deadlift (plate loaded) 140kg x10 – gave this a go as not used one before, definitely an ego machine! 140kg felt easy, I may carry on with these for a while (keeping romanian deadlifts for warm-ups) whilst trying to release my hip flexors, then back to deadlifts.

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