Where Strength and Size are the only goals

Monday 1st April 2013

Took an unofficial few days off – We’ve had friends to visit and I was due a deload anyway! Making another slight change to programming – dropped the Coan type deadlift training as weight was getting too heavy and couldn’t hold good form, instead focusing on my back & hamstrings/posterior chain and easing back on the quad work to go alongside the stretching foam rolling on the hip flexors/quads.

Bench 91kg x3, 105kg x3, 117.5kg x9+2+1 RP, followed up with 15kg DB Flyes x18

Face Pulls (10) x18x18 (between bench sets)

‘T’ Row 55kg x15x15x15x15 (90s rest)

Machine Preacher Curl 20kg x13+3+2 RP

Squat 126kg x3, 144kg x3, 162.5kg x3 – Felt a twinge in lower back at the bottom of rep 3, so racked it – I’d done prescribed reps anyway 🙂

Lying Hamstring Curl (6) x15+7+4 RP


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